August 4-31 2021 — A rootin tootin posse of local artists present a colorful, humorous and family-appropriate exhibit of works that gently poke fun at our penchant for wrapping ourselves in the trappings of the Montana Myth. On display during business hours at Wild Joe’s Coffee 18 W. Main in Bozeman, MT.

Dress Like a Cowboy or “I See By Your Outfit” Group Art Show

When songwriter Greg Keeler wrote “There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Montana Cowboy,” what was he getting at? I decided to investigate—through a group art show focused on the trappings of richly imagined Western-hood.

As a member of a family that has made Montana home for seven generations, I struggle with the Montana Myth, and I saw this theme as an opportunity to poke a little fun while also playing with the grand tradition of Western wear colors, prints, iconography and mythos. This I explained in the call for entries when I invited art-makers from all walks of life to share their vision of “dressing something (or somebody) like a cowboy.” I welcomed goofy/fun interpretations and, perhaps hinted that a dash of subtle mockery was not off the table. I also stressed that works should be all-ages appropriate, and, if possible, “art that could stimulate a lively discussion with a preschooler.”

The result is a wild and wacky group of local artists, riffing on what it means to “Dress Like a Cowboy.”

Artists: Katy Atchison • Duncan Bullock • Mike Cook • Jacob Futhey
Wren Garverick • Neoma Geddes • Marla Goodman • Sharon Glick
Mark Grenier • Linda Hunnicutt • Rachel Leathe • Kate Lindsay • Cindy Owing
Shawn Raecke • Robert Rath • Becky Roberts • Joe Schwem • Carmel Wood

Selected works are for sale through direct contact with the artists. Please see display cards at Wild Joe’s for contact information. All pieces will remain on display at Wild Joe’s through August 31, 2021. Please join the artists in thanking Wild Joes for supporting local arts and donating this display opportunity at no cost to the artists!

Join the DLAC Street Team! Download a printable Dress Like a Cowboy PDF, color or decorate it, take a photo and post on social media or share your original masterpiece in a public location you frequent.

Sneak Preview: Here are select details from the 25 works on display. A full slide retrospective will be posted after the show closes.