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cute sad corgi illustration by Marla Goodman
Uh, yeah. It’s all fetching fun and games and then he gets this perplexed expression, like… “something’s gone terribly awry here…”  Meanwhile, I’m standing about 30 feet away, shouting and doing hand semaphore for “No! No! Abandon mission! Don’t bring it back!” But… (over-sharing alert…) true to the indomitable corgi spirit, I have actually seen him pick it up, bowl-style, and return it anyway, barely spilling a drop! Auuuuughhh!

cute sad corgi illustration by Marla Goodman

Anyway, I finally got around to putting this unforgettable image on greeting cards and an 8×10 print at my Goodwerks Etsy shop. Seems like it would be ideal bathroom decor, or “cheer-up we all make mistakes” card, so let’s hope I sell a few. Walter suffered for this art.

vintage fabric shoe cards by Marla GoodmanAs part of my ongoing experiment with being commercial, I made up some Father’s Day cards and note cards from my hipster shoes vintage fabric illustrations. I also made the shoe illustrations available as print-it-yourself note cards and as instant download clipart on Etsy. Who knows, maybe somebody has a hipster dad. Or just likes old shoes? I love this art, so if nothing else, I’ll be able to use them myself. If you want some funky shoe clip art, look no further!

hipster shoes vintage fabric illustration by marla goodman


vintage fabric kitty illustration by Marla GoodmanI’ve been at it again with the highly commercial (and as yet, 100% unsuccessful) vintage fabric illustration clip art. This time, it’s a peace-loving kitten with the caption “No time for hatin.” See, the kitty only has time for doing cat things like having a bath, eating snacks and taking naps.

vintage fabric kitty stationery by Marla Goodman

I thought people might want to pay me a wee bit to use my cute kitty for stationery or whatever, so I did it in a bunch of different colorways, with and without the caption and I listed it on Etsy as an instant download. The whole world of Etsy is still pretty mind-boggling to me, but I’m going to keep stirring for awhile and see what happens.

What kinds of instant downloads would you like to see at the Goodwerks Etsy store?

vintage fabric kitty illustration by Marla Goodman

I have been busily stirring the pot at Etsy trying to figure out what people want to buy, and I just listed my first two stock illustration sets for purchase by instant download. Making pictures is what I’m good at, so I’m hoping this will be something that people will enjoy having access to.

At the Goodwerks Etsy store, I’ll be testing two clipart illustration style themes:

1. Prismacolor and watercolor spot art, like this example of cute baby sweaters:

baby sweater illustration marla goodman

2. Illustrations based on my vintage fabric collage style. The first one I posted was this cowboy boot art!

cowboy boot vintage fabric collage illustrations - marla goodmanAnd I also posted this baby carriage art:

baby carriage vintage fabric illustration by Marla Goodman

I’d love to hear input on what kinds of images you would like to get your hands on. I would be thrilled to draw up custom images or themes, so lay them on me!


I decided to revive my original Etsy shop featuring my vintage fabric illustrations! I now have two Etsy shops:

Goodwerks has cute and vintage-looking stuff (like the birdie thing above) that you’d traditionally seek on Etsy.

Kitschatorium has weirder, artier stuff (like this) and the occasional vintage oddity.

Frankly, I have no memory of why I created two shops, but it probably had something to do with being dumb.

Anyway! I just posted my first few cute vintage fabric illustration prints in the Goodwerks shop, so cuteness lovers, head over thatta way. I’d love to hear about what items you might like to see there, as I’d like to see if I can make a go of this Etsy thing. (In the past I’ve tried it about once a year, gotten discouraged after zero sales, and let my listings dry up. Maybe this time I’ll do better?)

If you’re looking for weirder, darker, artier things, go by way of Kitschatorium. This is where I post my wilder creative meanderings: It’s less a commercial venture than a “Hey, I made this…” kind of thing.

My resolution is to be slightly less right-brained and update the shops regularly, so please consider following this blog if you want to keep up with newly offered items. Your encouragement (in the form of comments, purchases, likes, favorites, follows, etc.) help inspire me to keep putting it out there.

I made this printable Thanksgiving banner and card a while back and it’s really pretty cute.


owl vintage farbic illustration by marla goodman

Click to find this at my Etsy store.

FarbicOwl I’ve noticed that I’m getting quite a few hits and pins on my vintage fabric illustrations, so I thought I’d show you how I do it. If you’re experienced in Photoshop, you probably don’t really need this, but in case anybody else is curious, here’s a rather haphazardly done step by step. (Click on the first thumbnail to arrow through the steps.)

If you like this illustration or this tutorial, please consider visiting my Etsy shop. Your visits help me rank higher in searches.

Vintage fabric ukulele illustration by Marla GoodmanI decided to add a new image to the mix! It’s the image from my Bozeman Ukulele Cabaret poster with one of my favorite vintage fabric sprig patterns as a background fill. I had a ton of fun messing with the colors. I kinda like the purple one, but I like the original, gold colored ukulele, too. Which color combination would you pick?

Check my Etsy shop for prints of this art!

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Vintage Fabric Illustration ©2012 Marla Goodman Our local Community Food Co-op is going to start carrying some of my vintage fabric illustrations on cards in March (2012). I picked six images that had sold well in test runs, and tried to make the colors work together so they’ll look cohesive on the rack. David suggested a birthday card, so I added one to the mix. I’m not sure I’ve exactly hit pay dirt with the images, but I think there might be a niche at craftsy places and fabric stores. Meanwhile, I can try them out in a retail setting and see what happens.

We are just working through the issues of printing at small quantities. Right now it’s quite the cottage industry, involving using 50% off coupons to buy the blank cards at a craft store, printing the card backs on my Canon printer, and printing the full color images on 4×6 photo paper obtained at drastically reduced prices by means of highly advanced couponology. All this, so that it doesn’t actually COST me money to sell them at a wholesale price.

I wouldn’t have thought of those clear sleeves that cards are sold in as an exotic item, but they cannot be purchased in Bozeman, Montana for love or money! One local printer offered to order some from their supplier for $35 per 100, but with a little help from my unpaid, live-in purchasing assistant, I was able to get them for exactly 1/10th of that price.  So, ha! Take that, blood-sucking local printer, you’ll have to bleed that $31.50 out of some other artist!

(UPDATE: I decided that it was too much trouble to sell the cards locally, but I do have some prints available on Etsy.)

I started thinking about Christmas cards today (none to soon) and decided to sit down and try a fabric illustration with a semi Christmas theme. I thought I’d try to draw a pretty deer. The picture I ended up with doesn’t look particularly Christmassy, but I had fun and really enjoyed some of the colors I ended up with. I decided to put the art on some products like coffee mugs, necklaces and trivets at CafePress. Click here to find them.

I have other vintage fabric illustrations available as prints and clipart at the Goodwerks Etsy store.

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