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I am working on some infographics for a client, so this is a practice one I made about music theory. (Thanks to Troy, whose generous post on provided the chord recipes that got me started.) If the introductory content I wrote isn’t entirely correct in terms of music vocabulary, sorry — I was an art major, not a music major! Maybe someone will clue me in if I’m sounding illiterate. I’m mainly testing this for resolution, legibility, and usefulness. (But also, hopefully some of these chord recipes will stick in my head in the process…)

I thought about including all the triad recipes as a bonus, but I figured that would take the fun out of figuring them out for yourself. (Or you can go and find them someplace, like here.)

What I learned so far: The first draft I created looked blurry on my ipad even though I had uploaded an ample 800 x 3012 pixel file. My live-in tech support guy figured out the problem: The ipad’s display limit is 2 million pixels, so it refused to display my 800×3012 image properly. I redid the graphic so that it’s just under 2 million pixels (800×2500), so now it looks crisp and lovely on my ipad.


I also made the recipe card as a separate graphic in case that’s useful for anyone.

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