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Somehow it’s become an October tradition for me to draw cartoons of the costumes that David and I “decided not to wear for Halloween.” I draw them on my i-pad using the Sketchbook app, using my finger as a stylus. Some are messier than others, depending on the time of day that I draw them.

Coming up with the ideas is a family affair. My daughter, Wren, sends me texts of her ideas. And my son in law, Mike, came up with several over dinner at Starky’s one evening. Some of them are David’s ideas, some my own. Some are inside jokes, or feature people we know (e.g. the two Ryans).  Thus, I give you “Rejected DavMar Halloween Costumes 2016”

(If you missed last year’s series, you can find them on my haphazard cartoon blog, Tepid and Oversteeped.

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