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Hey, don’t talk about my friends and family like that! They are too a step up from mimes and improv performers. They’re puppeteers.

This year’s adult puppet show at Bozeman’s Verge Theater will be Fri-Sat May 12-27 2017. The show, written by comedian Ryan Cassavaugh, is called “Freak Out.” It was described to me as “a hippie blood cult B-movie musical.” So it’s got that going for it. Among a talented cast of actor/singer/puppeteers, my daughter, Wren, plays the part of the cult-leader’s daughter. Proud moments in parenthood!

I was asked to help with props, so I said yes to painting a police car and two motorcycles. Little did I know that this didn’t mean just the gas tank (easy!) it meant the motorcycle chassis: not a thing I felt overly confident about.

Here, puppeteers Pol Llovet and Ryan Lawrence Flynn experiment with their motorcycles-to-be, after cutting out plywood shapes in the back room of Sadie Cassavaugh’s frame shop (Frugal Frame Shop). Somehow they’re planning to add a front wheel, Easy Rider style. You’ll have to go see the show to see if they pull it off. 😉

(crew photo courtesy Ryan Cassavaugh)

These were some really rough canvases – made from a “canvas” drop-cloth, actually – so gessoing was the hardest part of the job. Paint doesn’t cover well on a rough surface, so I decided that a rough, painterly look was fine. I didn’t get too fussy with it.

The Police Car was really wide, but the sides were short, giving it a clown-car-like appearance. Appropriately.

Here’s what the motorcycle chassis looked like, unpainted.

First step was to paint all surfaces black. The laminate surface was smooth, so it only took a pint of “cheep” acrylic to cover all 8 sides. (It took just under a gallon of gesso to cover the three car canvases.)

The next step was to paint a bunch of mechanical looking doodads in white and bluish silver.

There were two sides of two cycles to do, so four sides in all.

Whew! I was glad I got them done early enough that the cast could rehearse with them. I am dying to see what the show looks like on stage!

Show times are 8pm Fri-Sat May 12-13, 19-20 and 26-27 2017. Tickets can be purchased in advance on Verge Theater’s Ticket page, or at the door while they last. The comedy is intended for mature audiences.




So, I have this site where I’ve been putting cartoons. You may have seen some of them here and there. I haven’t quite committed (yet) to posting regularly, or making them the same size or quality, but at least I’m putting them all in one place. I named my web comic Tepid and Oversteeped because that’s pretty much the story of my life.


I thought twice before posting this because it seems insensitive to my friends with mobility challenges. (I mean, not to understate the hardships of plague sufferers…)

I just thought the idea of “the walking cast of self-doubt” was kind of funny. On most days I feel very lucky to be at the pronounced limp stage. But hangnail days are the best!



“Babies are born with all of the unnecessary apostrophes that they will ever need.” –Goodman

Whew! I set to work over Labor Day Weekend and posted 20 new cards featuring my illustrations at my Goodwerks Etsy Shop.*

(*This is the shop where I put the more commercial, cutesy and cartoony stuff. The other one, Kistchatorium, has more of my original art)

I wonder if there’s a niche market out there for the kinds of greeting cards I seem to produce. Namely:
Angst Sympathy,
Seasonal Affective Disorder Sympathy,
Dental Sympathy,
Dysfunctional Family Birthday,
Cat this, Cat that, Cat the Other Thing,
Despair Sympathy,
Existentially Troubled Sympathy,
Weird Friendship,
Spinster Birthday,
Grumpy Birthday,
Intelligent Parents Baby,
…and many more!

Click on the image if you’d like to browse the cards.

C’mon, you must have at least one weird friend!



Anybody who knows me very well knows I really have issues with people who don’t pick up after their dogs. I mean, how can we have peace and compassion in the world if people don’t even care enough about each other to pick up their dog’s poop when nobody’s looking?

So, a while back I drew this illustration, and I just got around to making some prototype yard signs.


First, I tried a wooden plaque, but frankly, it was kind of a lot of work to make, what with doing the image transfer, and all the Varathane coating. So the wooden version may very well be a one-off, unless demand is huge.


I decided a small 9×12″ vinyl banner was probably more convenient for me to make, and for people to install on a cheap garden flag holder. I know, I probably should test one for a season before I start selling them, but I’m not a patient person. I’m going to make a few available on Etsy, and if people buy them (in spite of my caveats that they’re untested) I’ll just replace them if they don’t last.

If nobody buys them, I might just gift them to the city of Bozeman to install at dog parks around town!



It’s been cool and rainy the past few weeks, but today I got out my summer clothes! (The cats were thrilled to seize this opportunity to visit the unknown continent of the spare room, which I usually keep closed as part of my “one room in the house without cat hair” campaign.) With hot weather ahead, we’ve even started the regimen of opening windows on the shady side of the house to let in the cool morning air, only to rush around locking the place up like a mausoleum in the afternoon. I love summer!

I’m often cold though, even in the summer, if the temperature is below about 74 degrees F. Maybe that’s why I’m a secret pyromaniac. I love flames and fire! When I was a kid, the best thing in the world was the day in June when we’d pick up dead-fallen branches around my parents’ place and have a big bonfire. My mom hated it, but I just loved throwing branches on that fire. Burn! Burn! Burn!

Occasionally I succumb to the whim to put flames in my pictures. I know they don’t look very realistic, but I have fun painting them. Maybe this will be a theme. I like the way it’s ambiguous in this picture as to whether the girl with the pail has been spreading the flames, or picking them up.

In addition to loving fire, I also have a a surprising love of vintage dresses and old fashioned fabric prints for a person who dresses like a post-apocalyptic beet farmer. So, pardon me if I indulge in a little fabric illustration.

With the goal of painting more and agonizing less (agony is so un-summery!) I keep reducing the prices of my originals, so if you like these, please consider visiting my Kitschatorium Etsy shop.

Happy June!

Spring dresses

cute sad corgi illustration by Marla Goodman
Uh, yeah. It’s all fetching fun and games and then he gets this perplexed expression, like… “something’s gone terribly awry here…”  Meanwhile, I’m standing about 30 feet away, shouting and doing hand semaphore for “No! No! Abandon mission! Don’t bring it back!” But… (over-sharing alert…) true to the indomitable corgi spirit, I have actually seen him pick it up, bowl-style, and return it anyway, barely spilling a drop! Auuuuughhh!

cute sad corgi illustration by Marla Goodman

Anyway, I finally got around to putting this unforgettable image on greeting cards and an 8×10 print at my Goodwerks Etsy shop. Seems like it would be ideal bathroom decor, or “cheer-up we all make mistakes” card, so let’s hope I sell a few. Walter suffered for this art.

vintage fabric shoe cards by Marla GoodmanAs part of my ongoing experiment with being commercial, I made up some Father’s Day cards and note cards from my hipster shoes vintage fabric illustrations. I also made the shoe illustrations available as print-it-yourself note cards and as instant download clipart on Etsy. Who knows, maybe somebody has a hipster dad. Or just likes old shoes? I love this art, so if nothing else, I’ll be able to use them myself. If you want some funky shoe clip art, look no further!

hipster shoes vintage fabric illustration by marla goodman


vintage fabric kitty illustration by Marla GoodmanI’ve been at it again with the highly commercial (and as yet, 100% unsuccessful) vintage fabric illustration clip art. This time, it’s a peace-loving kitten with the caption “No time for hatin.” See, the kitty only has time for doing cat things like having a bath, eating snacks and taking naps.

vintage fabric kitty stationery by Marla Goodman

I thought people might want to pay me a wee bit to use my cute kitty for stationery or whatever, so I did it in a bunch of different colorways, with and without the caption and I listed it on Etsy as an instant download. The whole world of Etsy is still pretty mind-boggling to me, but I’m going to keep stirring for awhile and see what happens.

What kinds of instant downloads would you like to see at the Goodwerks Etsy store?

vintage fabric kitty illustration by Marla Goodman

I have been busily stirring the pot at Etsy trying to figure out what people want to buy, and I just listed my first two stock illustration sets for purchase by instant download. Making pictures is what I’m good at, so I’m hoping this will be something that people will enjoy having access to.

At the Goodwerks Etsy store, I’ll be testing two clipart illustration style themes:

1. Prismacolor and watercolor spot art, like this example of cute baby sweaters:

baby sweater illustration marla goodman

2. Illustrations based on my vintage fabric collage style. The first one I posted was this cowboy boot art!

cowboy boot vintage fabric collage illustrations - marla goodmanAnd I also posted this baby carriage art:

baby carriage vintage fabric illustration by Marla Goodman

I’d love to hear input on what kinds of images you would like to get your hands on. I would be thrilled to draw up custom images or themes, so lay them on me!

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