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Thigh-ku! by Marla GoodmanI just finished laying out a little book of my own poetry: “Thigh-ku”

I think I invented this form of verse, although I did find one other reference to the word when I searched the term on the web. (Damned interweb!)  Even if I wasn’t the first person in the world to think of the word, I do think I’m the first to have elevated thigh-ku art to the level it so richly deserves.

Here is a slideshow of “Thigh-ku!” the booklet, which makes a beautiful gift for any occasion, and at 4.25″ x 5″ its 24 pages of inspiring goodness fit handily in a greeting card envelope. (If you want to buy one, check out my Etsy page or if you happen to want to carry my booklet in your pricey big-thigh-themed boutique, comment and I’ll get back to you about bulk (no pun intended) prices.)

If you’re inspired to share your own Thigh-ku, feel free to comment here, or visit the Montana Doggerel Society Thigh-ku blog,


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