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I just spent a couple of hours retouching some damaged vintage photos. Vernacular photography collecting is one of my hobbies, but I did this little retouching test to see if I might be able to make a little money while helping people reclaim damaged family photos.

I think I’d charge $60/hr plus photo printing costs. Does that sound like a good deal? The minor repairs (foxing, water damage, mold, scratches, folds) seem to take about 20 minutes per photo. I spent about 40 minutes each on the photos requiring reconstruction (and I could probably have done a better job on the last one).

I’d love to hear from anyone with their finger on the pulse of photo restoration output. I think I have the Photoshop end pretty well in hand, but I’m interested to learn more about the best output vendor to ensure archival quality for family photos.

You can click on this sample to see before and after views of four sample photos

Goodwerks Digital Photo Restoration

damaged antique photos, before and after Goodwerks Photo Repair

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