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Some people write letters to the editor when they’re happy or disgusted or proud or worried. I get on Cafepress and make swag.

Today’s swagfest is a tribute to a guy I’m proud to call a fellow American. Al Franken! He’s smart, he’s dedicated, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s a FUCKING ROCKSTAR. When the world (and the US in particular) seems crazy, I can listen to him speaking or read something he wrote, and realize, “Hey! There are some cooler heads, there are some smart people, there some really good, hardworking civil servants busting their asses to keep the rest of us safe and happy in a healthy, normal world.” Thanks, Al.

In case anyone else shares my Al enthusiasm, I made a boatload of Al Franken tee shirts, Al Franken pins, Al Franken stickers and other items emblazoned with heartfelt hoorays for Al.

(Thanks, Jon Tester, too, BTW. This happens to be Al’s day, but there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for Montana Democratic Senator, Jon Tester, and many other smart, decent, fair-minded people who do the difficult, crappy and thankless job of representing the people of the USA. Keep on rockin the free world.)


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