Eeeeee! I’ve developed a new technology!

Well, actually, I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person ever to make a little matchbook-book, but this is the first time I’d ever thought of it, and it took quite a bit of dinking around to get it right.

I was exploring new ways to present prints of my “on fire” series of paintings (now known as the “Everything’s Fine” series). Seems that not a lot of people want to decorate their kitchens with nihilistic pictures of people standing around placidly while their world goes up in flames. But encouragement from my friends about the little print books I was making inspired me to keep messing around with ideas for affordable art with that heart-warming underlying “we’re fucked” message that I so seem to gravitate toward.

So, I reverse engineered a packet of Albertsons matches that we keep around for lighting birthday candles, and eureka, a new use for the tiny stapler I got at a garage sale last summer emerged.