Last fall my daughter married her sweetheart. My job was to create activities to keep reception guests busy until the bridal party arrived. Since the bride and groom met as puppeteers at a local children’s theater, we decided on puppet-making as one activity.

The trick was to think of a way to make puppets quickly, without a lot of mess.

I settled on pre-making sock-puppet blanks. It went pretty fast, using Dollar Store socks, recycled cardboard, hot glue and a few sheets of pink felt.


I included in the station:

  • the sock puppet blanks
  • double-stick carpet tape (for attaching eyes, etc.)
  • child’s scissors
  • sheets of colored foam and bits of colored felt
  • bits of fake fur (I cut them ahead of time — I didn’t want fur everywhere)
  • google eyes in a variety of sizes
  • colored pompoms

I left a couple of example puppets at the station, to help people visualize.

The portable puppet stage was made of 4 art canvases ( 36×48″ for the front panels and 24×48″ for the wings).I used cheap ready-made stretcher frames and stapled the canvas on, but you can also get big canvases on sale a craft stores. We installed the hinges so the wings fold backward, but the front folds forward — i.e. a W shape — so that it could fold flat to carry.)

I was so thrilled to see people actually making puppets and playing with them!