“Babies are born with all of the unnecessary apostrophes that they will ever need.” –Goodman

Whew! I set to work over Labor Day Weekend and posted 20 new cards featuring my illustrations at my Goodwerks Etsy Shop.*

(*This is the shop where I put the more commercial, cutesy and cartoony stuff. The other one, Kistchatorium, has more of my original art)

I wonder if there’s a niche market out there for the kinds of greeting cards I seem to produce. Namely:
Angst Sympathy,
Seasonal Affective Disorder Sympathy,
Dental Sympathy,
Dysfunctional Family Birthday,
Cat this, Cat that, Cat the Other Thing,
Despair Sympathy,
Existentially Troubled Sympathy,
Weird Friendship,
Spinster Birthday,
Grumpy Birthday,
Intelligent Parents Baby,
…and many more!

Click on the image if you’d like to browse the cards.

C’mon, you must have at least one weird friend!