I think Kip Rosser is really cool. He’s a Thereminist, which is cool enough in itself, but he also seems like a genuinely generous, encouraging person. His free series of Theremin tutorials has an inviting quality that appeals to me.

I’ve wanted to do his tutorial series for a long time, but it drove me absolutely bonkers trying to access the lessons in order on his site, and I find Youtube’s ipad interface completely mystifying. It was just impossible for me to use Kip’s well-meant “I’ll post these all out of order and you just search for the lesson you want” navigation system, since certain lessons (e.g. 1, 3, 8, 20) don’t show up on the search.

So for my convenience, I’m going to post a little library of links to his first 25 videos, in order. (Kip, if you’re out there reading this and you hate this idea, let me know and I’ll unpublish the post.) I’ll post the rest when I get time, but right now I have to go practice my Theremin. 🙂

1: http://kiprosser.com/?p=166

2: http://kiprosser.com/?p=175

3: http://kiprosser.com/?p=202

4: http://kiprosser.com/?p=197

5: http://kiprosser.com/?p=453

6: http://kiprosser.com/?p=350

7: http://kiprosser.com/?p=208

8: http://kiprosser.com/?p=371

9: http://kiprosser.com/?p=515

10: http://kiprosser.com/?p=529

11: http://kiprosser.com/?p=378

12: http://kiprosser.com/?p=401

13: http://kiprosser.com/?p=80

14: http://kiprosser.com/?p=488

15: http://kiprosser.com/?p=121

16: http://kiprosser.com/?p=419

17: http://kiprosser.com/?p=431

18: http://kiprosser.com/?p=498

19: http://kiprosser.com/?p=522

20: http://kiprosser.com/?p=134

21: http://kiprosser.com/?p=411

22: http://kiprosser.com/?p=437

23: http://kiprosser.com/?p=540

24: http://kiprosser.com/?p=479

25: http://kiprosser.com/?p=540