Anybody who knows me very well knows I really have issues with people who don’t pick up after their dogs. I mean, how can we have peace and compassion in the world if people don’t even care enough about each other to pick up their dog’s poop when nobody’s looking?

So, a while back I drew this illustration, and I just got around to making some prototype yard signs.


First, I tried a wooden plaque, but frankly, it was kind of a lot of work to make, what with doing the image transfer, and all the Varathane coating. So the wooden version may very well be a one-off, unless demand is huge.


I decided a small 9×12″ vinyl banner was probably more convenient for me to make, and for people to install on a cheap garden flag holder. I know, I probably should test one for a season before I start selling them, but I’m not a patient person. I’m going to make a few available on Etsy, and if people buy them (in spite of my caveats that they’re untested) I’ll just replace them if they don’t last.

If nobody buys them, I might just gift them to the city of Bozeman to install at dog parks around town!