It’s been cool and rainy the past few weeks, but today I got out my summer clothes! (The cats were thrilled to seize this opportunity to visit the unknown continent of the spare room, which I usually keep closed as part of my “one room in the house without cat hair” campaign.) With hot weather ahead, we’ve even started the regimen of opening windows on the shady side of the house to let in the cool morning air, only to rush around locking the place up like a mausoleum in the afternoon. I love summer!

I’m often cold though, even in the summer, if the temperature is below about 74 degrees F. Maybe that’s why I’m a secret pyromaniac. I love flames and fire! When I was a kid, the best thing in the world was the day in June when we’d pick up dead-fallen branches around my parents’ place and have a big bonfire. My mom hated it, but I just loved throwing branches on that fire. Burn! Burn! Burn!

Occasionally I succumb to the whim to put flames in my pictures. I know they don’t look very realistic, but I have fun painting them. Maybe this will be a theme. I like the way it’s ambiguous in this picture as to whether the girl with the pail has been spreading the flames, or picking them up.

In addition to loving fire, I also have a a surprising love of vintage dresses and old fashioned fabric prints for a person who dresses like a post-apocalyptic beet farmer. So, pardon me if I indulge in a little fabric illustration.

With the goal of painting more and agonizing less (agony is so un-summery!) I keep reducing the prices of my originals, so if you like these, please consider visiting my Kitschatorium Etsy shop.

Happy June!

Spring dresses