Night Horse - 5x7 gouache Marla Goodman

Night Horse – 5×7 gouache Marla Goodman

I started keeping some 5×7 scraps of illustration board in the drawer of the coffee table, so when I feel like doodling I have something other than my iPad to draw on. This picture was inspired by a shadow I saw on the coffee table that looked like a horse, looking up.

So I scribbled it down and then later brought it to the gouachatorium. Another small victory in my quest to touch art supplies.

But there’s a down side to art supplies. I’m a world-class worrier and it turns out that I feel more worried about painting something that may be imperfect (or Heaven forbid, even hokey!) with real art supplies than I do if it’s just on my iPad. I confess I was feeling kind of yucky last night, thinking, “What do you do with paintings you don’t feel proud of? Do you keep them a secret? Burn them? Or what?” Which led me to discover an inspiring blog called “100 Bad Paintings,” that chronicles the experiences of the Lynn Whipple (a great collage artist!) as she goes through the process of learning the art of plein air painting. She’s sure an upbeat person!

Anyway, I woke up this morning and didn’t feel as worried about the picture as I did last night. It’s not exactly what I envisioned, but it tells a story that wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t seen that shadow on the coffee table.

I even signed it (maybe a little awkwardly, I’m just learning). In the past I didn’t sign my pictures, because somehow I equated it with pride…but I like it when other people sign their pictures, and actually, signing mine often feels more to me like an admission of humility than smugness. Plus, if my images get shared, I’d like people to know where they came from.

So I give you Night Horse, which began as a doodle, put me though a lot of worry, but is what it is. There’s no accounting for taste. (Often the things that I love, love, love appeal to me and two other people on the planet, while droves of people feel a deep connection to things that don’t necessarily speak to me.) So even though it kept me up last night worrying, I’m going to put this original for sale in my Etsy Goodwerks store. Who knows, somebody might really love it, and it’s all part of a learning experience for me.