I decided to revive my original Etsy shop featuring my vintage fabric illustrations! I now have two Etsy shops:

Goodwerks has cute and vintage-looking stuff (like the birdie thing above) that you’d traditionally seek on Etsy.

Kitschatorium has weirder, artier stuff (like this) and the occasional vintage oddity.

Frankly, I have no memory of why I created two shops, but it probably had something to do with being dumb.

Anyway! I just posted my first few cute vintage fabric illustration prints in the Goodwerks shop, so cuteness lovers, head over thatta way. I’d love to hear about what items you might like to see there, as I’d like to see if I can make a go of this Etsy thing. (In the past I’ve tried it about once a year, gotten discouraged after zero sales, and let my listings dry up. Maybe this time I’ll do better?)

If you’re looking for weirder, darker, artier things, go by way of Kitschatorium. This is where I post my wilder creative meanderings: It’s less a commercial venture than a “Hey, I made this…” kind of thing.

My resolution is to be slightly less right-brained and update the shops regularly, so please consider following this blog if you want to keep up with newly offered items. Your encouragement (in the form of comments, purchases, likes, favorites, follows, etc.) help inspire me to keep putting it out there.