Marla Goodman Illustraiton

So I went from happy pink sugar gliders to gruesome flaming skulls in two days.

Don’t worry! I’m really not in a dark place. Or at least not that dark, anyway.

I had been thinking that I’d like to get rich selling stuff on Etsy (although really, not, because getting rich sounds like a whole lot of work). So I started thinking, “What do people buy a lot of on Etsy?” and the first thing I thought of are those irritating Live Laugh Love plaques. Oh, sure, I’m into living, loving and laughing and all, I’m just not into having a sign about it. I tend to hate signs with barfy meaningful phrases.

Which reminds me of a story. When I left my old job as a marketing director for a university extension program, they gave me a gift which perfectly exemplified why I didn’t want to work there. The gift was a periwinkle blue plaque emblazoned in swoopy italics with the irritating quote:

“Dance like nobody’s watching…”

At one point, either my daughter or I (I forget) used her Dymo label maker to alter the text to read “poop all over the place like nobody’s watching” and it remained in our living room like that for quite a while.

Anyway, as I thought about Live, Laugh, Love plaques, my evil side started to creep forth, and I thought “What would really spoil the Whoville holiday celebration of all those Live-Laugh-Love-ers? What would truly horrify them?”

Which is probably NOT the way to get rich on Etsy, I know… But that’s how my mind works.

So I sat down this morning with the old gouaches and painted this mess.

I’m a bit disappointed: I was hoping it would be a lot cuter. I don’t think flaming piles of skulls are funny at all, and I don’t like the idea of glorifying violence. So I apologize if anyone who sees this feels bad or thinks about yucky stuff. That wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to spoil some smug, overly happy person’s day.

I got it out of my system. Now that my shamelessly commercial phase is over, (yes, the print IS available on Etsy) I can get back to painting happy things like creepy dolls and weird family photos.