Sugar Glider Yoga Pants

Yeah, that’s right. Just when I thought I wouldn’t get anything done today.

I wanted to do something fun for one of my awesome cousins, so I asked my aunt what she might like. I was thinking… like… socks or something.

The answer ended up being, “Anything having to do with Sugar Gliders.”

Whoa. Okay… Hmm.

So today happened to be said cousin’s birthday and I thought I’d draw her a little cartoon and post it on her Facebook page, like I sometimes do for birthdays (on a sketchy, occasional basis, ok? So don’t hold your breath).  Anyway, I drew a sugar glider and started messing around with a pink birthday cake image, but nothing seemed to quite be working. So, I blurred the cake lots and added a star burst pattern and then blurred that some more, and ended up burning the sugar glider on top of my background. The colors remind me of those cherry pineapple rocket pops.

Sadly, I really don’t know this cousin that well (hence the not knowing about the socks) and I have no idea whether or not she would want Sugar Glider yoga pants, so I made a whole bunch of other merch with the image, just in case. Of course, if she hates the colors, that will be a bummer.


Just made one ton of psychedelic sugar glider merch.

So, I share it with the rest of the world, in case there’s anybody out there who does like Popsicle colored psychedelic sugar gliders.