Gathering – iPad fingerprint drawing – Marla Goodman

I am really bad at keeping track of journals and sketchbooks but, miraculously, I can usually keep track of my iPad.

I really like to draw and doodle using the Sketchbook Pro app. It’s cheap and you can do a lot with it once you figure out how the funky interface works. It has a lot of the features that I use all the time in Photoshop, such as layers with transparency options. Plus, you have the option of making relatively high res drawings, in case you want to print them or work into them later.

Somehow I find it easier to draw freely without worrying if it’s “dumb” or “pointless” when I’m using a digital device, where I’d be likely to seize up if I were using paper.

A thing I like to do when I don’t have any ideas is make fingerprint drawings:

  • First I fill the drawing background with black so I can see all the smudgy fingerprints on my iPad screen.
  • Then I create a new layer and draw in a light gray (so it shows up on the black).
  • I just draw whatever the smudges suggest to me.
  • I can either keep the black background, or delete the black layer, so the drawing has a light background.

It’s a way to unwind and draw without having to agonize over an idea.


Puppeteer – iPad fingerprint drawing – Marla Goodman


Dreams – iPad fingerprint drawing – Marla Goodman