we-like-you-group2So, you’re having a party.

So am I! Or at least I was thinking of having a party someday. And I wanted to make good on my promise to use that “print your own linoleum block Christmas Cards” kit I bought at a church rummage sale last summer. So, linoleum block printed party invites.

kinda blah

kinda blah

I’d been thinking that a “We Like You” party would be cool…I’d invite all those people I like that I never actually get to see (possibly because they don’t like me, but that’s only conjecture).

I didn’t want to agonize over my block print, so I sat down, penciled some letters onto the block and started carving. (I remembered to make them backwards!) I didn’t worry about whether or not they would look good. After all, if you get an invite in the mail that says “We Like You” you’d have to be kind of a jerk to decline due to inexpert lettering. (In this way, I plan to weed the mean people from my We Like You list…)

wouldn't you come to this party?

wouldn’t you come to this party?

Things began innocently enough (I seem to say that a lot, after doing something that might have turned out differently had it begun with any type of plan). The kit included water based ink, so I inked up a brayer and rolled black ink onto the block I had carved. The first print looked okay, but kind of boring.

Then I decided to try printing on an old magazine page to add a bit of background texture. (How Martha Stewart of me, right?) That looked pretty good. Before long, I started pulling prints on magazine photos, noticing that they were looking a little creepy, but having too much fun to stop.

Then David walked in and I said, “Hey! Wanna see the awesomeness of this print I’m making?” After he respectfully appreciated the magic of lino printing, I asked him if he had any suggestions or ideas. “Do you have any other colors?” he asked. Yes, the kit also had red and green.

welikeyou08Somehow, the red gave things a sort of “Carrie” flavor that was even creepier than the black, and I began to wonder if anybody I actually do like would come to my party, having received this particular invitation.

So… if anybody out there has some really robust friends who wouldn’t think twice about coming to a party that may or may not be hosted by a serial killer, let me know. I have just the thing.

Sure, a lot of people—when they make something horrifying by juxtaposing child photos from a 1947 magazine against a seemingly innocent phrase printed in blood red ink—would call it art. But I know really creepy party invites when I see them.