I spent my morning at the Children’s Museum of Bozeman with author M.G. Arverick, who wrote the children’s book, “There is Something Growing in my Shoe.” (He was nice enough to let me draw the illustrations!)

We did a string painting activity with a group of summer campers at the museum, so they could make monsters kind of like the illustrations in the book. BOY did we have fun! Check out the slide show to see the great Shoe Monsters that the kids made! After their pictures were done, M.G. showed them on the big screen, just like his e-book, and the kids told about their monsters. There was one that eats jet planes! …and one of the monsters wasn’t scared of anything!

If you want to do the art activity yourself, Well Lighted Books has a great DYI about how to do string painting.

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Marla Goodman Illustration for "There is Something Growing in my Shoe" by M.G. Arverick.