Bozeman’s Equinox Theatre recently renamed itself Verge Theater.

It makes sense, because the people who started the nonprofit Equinox years ago flew the coop to do other things, one of which is a for-profit youth camp called Camp Equinox. This made things really confusing… Folks got the nonprofit Equinox Theatre and the for-profit Camp Equinox mixed up, and assumed that they were both run by the same people, which they weren’t.

Now renamed VERGE Theater, the nonprofit (former Equinox Theatre) is run by artistic director Erin Roberg and a bunch of volunteer actors, directors, helpers and board members. They give local playwrights a place to stage their creations, as well as running an improv school, offering acting classes for various ages, and staging fun, fringy comedies and musicals. (They do serious plays too, but frankly, I only like comedies)

The first locally-written play that Verge Theater will premiere under its new identity is “Three Glorious Weeks” written by Ryan Cassavaugh, and directed by his brilliant wife, Sadie. “Three Glorious Weeks” stars a fistful of my favorite actors: The hilarious Paige Johnson, the delightful Ben Sevilla, big ol’ lovable Christian McDaniel, the very funny Keith Suta, and the ridiculously talented Ryan Lawrence Flynn.

I had done some promotional graphics for Ryan and Keith for their summer series, “Don’t Close Your Eyes Radio Theatre” (also staged at the theater henceforth known as Verge) and Ryan asked if I’d help out with some graphics for “Three Glorious Weeks.”

Of course! I pretty much do not say no to a guy who works at Cactus Records by day and has the gumption to be a good dad and do standup and write funny radio plays, puppet shows and comedies in his nonexistent spare time. I heart gumption!

The play, as I vaguely understand it, is a farce set in the late ’50s (early ’60s?), where a newspaper man (Suta) becomes embroiled in some kind of military coups on a tourism destination island. Or something like that. It kind of sounds like Duck Soup meets Coconuts x Bananas. But I’m only guessing.

My part’s all done! The posters went to the printer today. I can just laze around until it’s time to eat some cheese ‘n’ mangoes at the opening night reception.

Three Glorious Weeks opens May 3, 2013 and runs for three (glorious) weekends. Watch for the posters, and when May comes around, go see the play! Verge Theater is in the process of updating its web site, so if you want additional information, check the  Verge Theater Facebook page.