I’ve been helping my friend Chrysti the Wordsmith expand her social presence. Chrysti is a beloved personality in Montana (and elsewhere), where her 2-minute etymological discussions are as well-known to public radio listeners as StarDate and Writer’s Almanac.

Chrysti’s motivation wasn’t to make more money or grow her audience, oddly enough. It was simply to help her existing followers enjoy resources she has already created, by leading them to her website.

One of our strategies was to create a series of cartoons based on her radio transcripts. Knowing that seasonal and topical images tend to get a lot of viral play on Facebook, and that tagged images draw a lot of site views, this seemed like a simple way to increase awareness of Chrysti’s web site.

Here are a couple examples of the cartoons that I drew in Photoshop using my Cintiq. Eventually, we will have enough images to make a little e-book, which we can also use to promote Chrysti’s site.

Chrysti is a great example of the kind of client I love to work with: out there doing something worthwhile, being smart and having fun. And as for me… there’s nothing more fun than drawing cartoons!

Me Hearties cartoon by Marla Goodmancobweb cartoon by Marla GoodmanWordsmith-Limerick cartoon by Marla GoodmanWordsmith-Cornucopia cartoon by Marla GoodmanWordsmith-Robin cartoon by Marla GoodmanWordsmith ladybug cartoon by Marla GoodmanWordsmith-Dandelion cartoon by Marla Goodman