41Nz9cXvVAL._AA300_PIkin4,BottomRight,0,-40_AA300_SH20_OU01_A new e-book that I illustrated for my friend M.E.G. just came out on Amazon Kindle and soon to be out as an i-book. (in fact, it is now!) Pretty cool!

“There is Something Growing in my Shoe” is a rollicking flight of fancy about a mysterious shoe fungus that takes on a life of its own. When a skinny young man finds a perplexing surprise in his sneaker, his imagination runs wild. The rhyme keeps the story rolling as each page leads to another quirky possibility. It’s the kind of picture book that might appeal both to young children as a read-aloud, or to older kids who can read it on their own. It kind of has a Shel Silverstein flavor in that way.

Outside of educational curricula, this was the first picture book I’ve illustrated. Since M.E.G. is testing the waters of e-publishing, it was a great learning experience for both of us. M.E.G. basically let me run amok, so I had a great time imagining what kind of picture each page described.

I used a loose, easy going cartoon style, layering the action on ink splat textures to carry the theme of goo and gunk throughout the story. M.E.G. did the typesetting and e-book preparation.

I created the illustrations on my Cintiq display, working directly into a many-layered Photoshop file. I got the ink splot brushes from some nice people who created them and made them available for free on the web. I had actually been hoping to find some kind of dynamic brush tool that actively bleeds like ink, not just static shapes, but I’m not sure if such a thing exists. Nonetheless, it was fun working with the splatters.

This project was super fun to do, and I’m excited that it’s up on Amazon for kids to enjoy!

Congratulations, M.E.G., on your new brand new e-book! Here are some of my favorite pages:

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