I’m helping out with a window display at Wild Joe’s Coffeehouse to promote the Equinox Puppet Theatre’s new original play, “Father of the Bride of Frankenstein,” which runs Fridays + Saturdays Oct. 12-27. The show is a romantic comedy by Ryan Cassavaugh, co-directed by Sadie Cassavaugh and Christian McDaniel. It’s the company’s second full length play for adults (13+) featuring a full cast of larger than life puppets. Coolio!

Anyway, I liked the poster for the show, which has the title text arranged in the shape of a wedding cake, with little Frank + Bride on top, so I thought that would be a fun thing to work into the window display.

All I needed was a giant cake…

So, this afternoon I went shopping. At the craft stores, they sell Styrofoam rounds that you can frost to look like a real cake, but they were really expensive, and they still weren’t quite as big as I wanted. So I decided to try using hatboxes.

I found three in descending sizes at Ross, for cheaper than the Styrofoam would have been. The boxes are pretty sturdy and covered in coated paper, so I figured they might not warp or slump under the damp frosting. I also bought a package of cheese cloth, a can of meringue powder and two big bags of powdered sugar. Oh, and a couple of Frankenstein figurines!

I taped the cheesecloth around the boxes using packing tape, to give the icing something to stick to. (Not sure if that was necessary, but it seems like it was probably a good idea.)

It took two double batches of royal icing to cover the boxes and do the piping.
1 double batch of royal icing =
2 lb bag of powdered sugar
12 Tablespoons of water
6 Tablespoons of meringue powder

I didn’t really worry about getting my icing spread perfectly since it is supposed to be a monster cake! Plus, I wanted it to look like real frosting when seen from a distance in the window display.

The icing stuck to the cheesecloth-covered hat boxes easily. I piped on some wedding-y looking swirls, again, not worrying if they were sloppy, and finished with goopy piping in green, to match the poster. I added more goop around the bottom of the cake to hide my icing mess. Now to add the cobwebs tomorrow.

The whole process took me 2 hours or so, not counting the shopping. Monster cakes are the best!

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