Vintage Fabric Illustration ©2012 Marla Goodman Our local Community Food Co-op is going to start carrying some of my vintage fabric illustrations on cards in March (2012). I picked six images that had sold well in test runs, and tried to make the colors work together so they’ll look cohesive on the rack. David suggested a birthday card, so I added one to the mix. I’m not sure I’ve exactly hit pay dirt with the images, but I think there might be a niche at craftsy places and fabric stores. Meanwhile, I can try them out in a retail setting and see what happens.

We are just working through the issues of printing at small quantities. Right now it’s quite the cottage industry, involving using 50% off coupons to buy the blank cards at a craft store, printing the card backs on my Canon printer, and printing the full color images on 4×6 photo paper obtained at drastically reduced prices by means of highly advanced couponology. All this, so that it doesn’t actually COST me money to sell them at a wholesale price.

I wouldn’t have thought of those clear sleeves that cards are sold in as an exotic item, but they cannot be purchased in Bozeman, Montana for love or money! One local printer offered to order some from their supplier for $35 per 100, but with a little help from my unpaid, live-in purchasing assistant, I was able to get them for exactly 1/10th of that price.  So, ha! Take that, blood-sucking local printer, you’ll have to bleed that $31.50 out of some other artist!

(UPDATE: I decided that it was too much trouble to sell the cards locally, but I do have some prints available on Etsy.)