I just finished the last illustrations and some title slides for the “Origin of Love” scene in the Equinox Theater’s production of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”

I donated my time (not the copyrights to the images) to give the slide show portion of this local production a unique and original flavor. It was fun using a quasi-naive style and combining line work with background textures from my oil paintings. I now sell posters and prints of these original drawings on Etsy, and have granted rights to non-profit community theaters to re-use them with my written permission. (If you would like to use these images, please contact me for permission. I like to know where they are appearing, and I do appreciate credit for my work. Please do not resell my artwork or misrepresent it as your own.)

Our local production of “Hedwig” ran Feb. 10-25, 2012 in Bozeman. MT.

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