Yesterday I completed the fourteenth in my series of oil stick drawings based on vintage photos of people who love each other.

I decided to title the series “14 Love Stories.” The drawings will be on display at the Flying C Cafe in Bozeman in February.

What drawing #14 means is that I have now completed the minimum number of drawings to hang, so I have nearly two weeks to mess around and really have fun.

Of course, I was having fun all along, but now the pressure is off, so I feel more free. Today I worked on a drawing #15, and it felt great!

I decided to use grid lines to make the sketch go faster. I used a cream colored Prismacolor to draw the grid, so I hope I’m not committing some cardinal art sin, mixing Prismacolor with oil stick. Will the drawing spontaneously disintegrate at some point?

I had to force myself to go on after the initial sketch, because I really loved the way it looked as just lines.

I also liked it at the partially colored stage. Once again, I was tempted to quit right there. And maybe sometime I’ll do some drawings like that. But not yet. I love the way the daisies in the vase look like something out of a 1920s poster.

The third image shows where I stopped for today, but I think I’ll do a bit more tomorrow. I do sort of like the stage two version better than the third stage, but I don’t feel like quitting while I’m ahead quite yet. I can do that anytime.