I started two more love drawings. I enjoyed the way the background of this “carrot eaters” one came together. I’m not sure what will happen with the faces, but so far I feel like it is conveying the intimacy of a carrot munch in the kitchen garden  pretty well. That guy has quite the Lyle Lovett hairdo, huh?

Next is the under-painting and first stage drawing of a couple who I imagine are a teenager and his aunt, maybe dancing to the radio at Christmas time. I am happy that this is quite a bit looser than some of my previous drawings. I can’t decide yet whether to leave well enough alone with their faces, or color them in a less wacky skin tone, but I do think I’ll tighten up the hands a bit once it dries a bit. Right now they’re too confusing.

My regular freelance work is picking up again, so there’s less time for drawing. Isn’t it funny how when you have “real” work to do, it makes you want to do other projects more than ever? In college, when I was supposed to be reading a text book, I found that reading a novel was more delicious than ever. I must be some kind of sicko, enjoying free time most when it’s stolen from some other obligation. Or is everybody that way?