I have gotten back to work on my series of oil stick drawings. This one is getting pretty close to done. I love that the photo upon which this drawing is based is labeled “Christmas.” Every time I look at it, I wonder how much is gone from that bottle, and does its fullness level have anything to do with the beatific smile on the face of the “Ma” character?

I am trying to figure out how many drawings I’ll have completed by the time it’s time to hang them at the Flying C, which is a hopping juice bar/coffee bar/lunch spot  upstairs in Bozeman’s Community Food Co-op. The Co-op was kind enough to offer to hang some of my drawings during the month of February, and since I’m nuts for Valentines Day, I jumped at the chance to do some pictures based on my favorite vernacular photo subject: love.

As with any project I undertake, there’s been no small measure of frustration and disappointment, but on most days I figure I have just about as much right to make drawings as anybody. So far I have done a couple that I like. I like this Christmas one pretty well — especially the pattern on Ma’s dress.

I was curious about how the drawings look as a group so I decided to round up what I have in progress so far. Some may not make the final cut, and only a few of them are absolutely finished to the last stroke, but most of them are close.

Drawings in progress

Glowing praise and encouragement are welcome…

I decided to come clean and show the reference photos that I’m working from, just for fun. But for God’s sake, don’t anybody make a big deal about whether or not my drawings are realistic, or I’ll sock ya hard!

reference photos