Happy Holidays from Marla and David! Ho, ho, ho, beep, beep!

It’s easy to make your own Santa-bot.
Here’s how:

Acquire the following materials:
Filing cabinet
Space heater
Bundt pan
Cream funnel
Candle sticks
Heating duct
Flexible tubing
Ceramic kitty cat
Wire whisk (under mitten, so not shown)
Strainer ladle (under mitten, so not shown)
Roasting pan
Mailbox (large, rural route style)
Training wheels
Assorted nuts, bolts, rivets
Drill and bits in various sizes

Next, find somebody with mechanical aptitude who can put it all together for you.

Now, dress up your robot in a Santa hat, a charming hand-knit scarf and a pair of mittens. Don’t forget to wrap a string of Christmas lights around its middle!