I spent a good share of today, when I should have been wrapping presents, working on some cute designs to sell on CafePress. The recent (moderate) success of my cute Corgi designs made me think, huh… if I did some election related stuff now, maybe I’d sell a few. Then I started thinking about the kinds of election-year messages I’d like to see. I really don’t enjoy seeing mean-spirited, divisive stuff… So, I came up with the slogan, “Democrats are Nice.”

Next, I did a “Babies for Obama” design, which although not terribly original, is a lot cuter than some I’ve seen out there. Babies make such great (albeit smallish) sign boards to promote their parents’ political agendas!

Last, I drew a “No Time for Hatin'” design that shows a kitty taking a leisurely paw bath. It’s like I had a cuteness seizure or something! I think I have it out of my system for the moment, but on the other hand, that itchy feeling I have might just be a cute bunny coming on.