The first drawing. I love this guy's stiff posture. Not quite finished.

I started on a new series of drawings this week. The gimmick this time is that they’re all based on vernacular photos of pairs of people. I’m hoping that they will be interesting to look at as a group. All of the pairs of people are obviously in some sort of close relationship, which you can see by their postures. I’m hoping to display the series in February, in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Three day old drawing. Not quite done.

first layer of oil stick, drying from yesterday

I started collecting old abandoned family photos at junk stores and flea markets several years ago. One here, one there. I love their frankness, their utilitarian compositions, and the unexpected things you sometimes find in them. I collect certain subjects, one of my favorites being love. (I also love the “my new dress” photos, of which there are many, and which seem so poignant to me. But the My New Dress series will have to wait.)

pencil cartoon, just started this morning.

To say that I have a tendency to overthink things is probably an understatement. (I’m still reeling from the irony of the comment made by one of my art professors that I was just not possessed enough to make it. Oh, I’m possessed, honey. I just happen to be possessed by some shit your scrawny artist ass hasn’t seen yet…) So anyway, all bitterness aside, I’m trying to do projects where I concentrate on drawing pictures — not on agonizing over whether or not they’re “good,” or will make me “make it,” whatever that means.

I’m using oil sticks, which are a lot like cattle markers, but more expensive, and theoretically more colorfast. I like the way that they keep me from being too fussy (okay, the fussiness is there, but maybe the struggle with my inner fussy demons will make for something interesting). It’s enjoyable to see how the images transform from photo to pencil cartoon, to the mucky underpainting to the final colored picture. It’s fun for me to imagine what colors were in the original scene. I think I’ll probably get wilder with color as I go along.