Steve's Wobbly Knees - Walk to Defeat ALS - Tee Shirt design by Marla GoodmanI just sent off the artwork to my sister Teri for this year’s “Steve’s Wobbly Knees” Walk to Defeat ALS team T-shirts.

Teri lost her husband Steve to ALS last September, and we’re proud to keep on walking in Steve’s memory, to help others.

I wanted the T-shirt design to show our team spirit, which is all about celebrating Steve’s lively, giving personality while helping the ALS Association in its commendable work to make sure that people diagnosed with ALS get the the support and care they need.

Steve was a smart, passionately caring person who was compelled to help young people get a good start. His volunteer work and support of kids’ opportunities through education, music and the outdoors are wonderful parts of his legacy.

Since Steve loved folk music and the great outdoors, I picked a musical/nature theme for the shirt. Yeah, I know it kind of looks like a Woodstock ripoff, but I’m still happy with it. The quote on the bottom of the back print is one that Steve had on his outgoing emails. He really lived by it, too.

I’m looking forward to flying to Portland this September and joining the rest of the Steve’s Wobbly Knees Team in Portland’s 2011 Walk to Defeat ALS. If you’d like to toss a few bucks in my ALS Association donation can, click here!

Steve's Wobbly Knees - Walk to Defeat ALS - Tee Shirt design by Marla Goodman