Wonky sweater animals - inexpertly and painstakingly sewn by Marla Goodman

Today's wonky sweater animals

Today I made a couple more wonky animals out of sweaters. The bobbin gods must have been smiling, as I did not run out of bobbin and nothing really horrible happened! (Well, I did sew one ear on backwards, but I decided that was within acceptable irregularity tolerance.)

I tried adding a face shape to one of them, but I’m not sure I like how that ended up looking.

My wonky bunny pattern. Marla Goodman

My wonky bunny pattern

I called my mom and she explained to me over the phone how to use a ladder stitch to close up the stuffing hole in such a way that it doesn’t look like a botched episiotomy. (Well, SHE didn’t say that…) (Do not look up episiotomy on the web if you don’t know what it is… better not to know!)

In an uncharacteristically planning-ahead-ish act, I actually MADE A PATTERN this time. …which I immediately strayed from, using the old eyeball, but the point was that if the animal turned out good, at least I could refer to the pattern to make another one like it.  Usually my attention span holds out nearly until I’ve got something figured out, so who knows, I might try a few more. Here’s my Etsy shop, if any collectors of inexpertly sewn sweater animals happen to be reading.