Dancing Sheep - Yarn Shop Fiber Day Poster

I just updated the poster I did last year for the Yarn Shop’s annual Total Immersion Fiber Day, which takes place July 18 2011 at the very cool 13 Mile Wool Mill. The mill/farm is located (you guessed it) 13 miles North of Bozeman on Springhill Road.

The illustration for this poster, which I did in gouache, is a good natured ripoff of Mucha’s Dance.

The colors are a little bit brighter than my taste would dictate, but Barb, my friend who owns the Yarn Shop, really goes for fuchsia, so this year’s poster is very, very fuchsia.

If you are interested, you can find mugs, tees, knitting journals, totes and stuff with my dancing sheep illustration at my Cafe Press shop.

If you missed the Fiber Day event, there will be one next year, and the Yarn Shop offers some fun classes throughout the year.

It’s a beautiful drive to the 13 Mile Farm and it’s a fun place to visit (They have a very small woolen shop in the old barn that’s been transformed into a very small wool mill. You can see how they wash, card and spin the wool.) I believe they are usually open to visitors, although I think they suggest calling first.