The Daily Coffee Bar at 11th and College in Bozeman will be hanging part of my magnetic poetry and cattle marker series this March. They only have space for about half of the 15 pictures, so I asked my friends to help me pick the drawings to display. I was surprised that one of my favorites, “Summer Peanut Tourists Brave Snack Burnout” seems to be universally disliked! What’s not to like about giant pink peanuts? (ha ha. It sounds funny when you say that out loud.)

The top nine shown here are the drawings that David and I got all ready to hang, and the bottom six are going to stay in our multiplex electronics lab/gallery/TV room until future notice.

Cattle Marker Drawings by Marla GoodmanCattle Marker Drawings by Marla GoodmanCattle Marker Drawings by Marla GoodmanCattle Marker Drawings by Marla GoodmanCattle Marker Drawings by Marla Goodman

Here are links to the individual pictures, by title/poem. An asterisk after the title indicates that the drawing has sold. 1. Henry savagely doodled. 2. Giant bear hilarious but bad for the forest.* 3. Let’s play plague.* 4. The captain secretly longed for a dress made of tattered lace and blue snow. 5. Damned freedom butter.* 6. Your horse dropped his favorite grand piano – hard circumstance.* 7. Desperate quivering leather couch. 8. Nature itself is a wild bore.* 9. She kissed him like a lady ranger.* 10. Art is a basket of torture crackers. 11. Guilty aching bouquet.* 12. He called her timbuktu and petted her tongue.* 13. Summer peanut tourists brave snack burnout. 14. Sweet love cried out to him, she made sure. 15. Milk breath, happy sigh, love, help! Get my eye!

I’ve also got a whole cookie sheet full of poems that I meant to illustrate, or that defied illustration for one reason or another.

magnetic poetry by Marla Goodman

magnetic poetry outtakes

I thought about doing them as cartoons…

Illustration by Marla Goodman

His pants concealed this secret chamber

Illustration by Marla Goodman

Telephone breasts satisfy

Illustration by Marla Goodman

C'mon guys, how about you consume this yummy jelly. I kin tell you nothing tastes as sweet! Like eaten a candy sandwich. Not like yakky strained flesh. What about a cool drink!