I just finished this illustration for the Bozeman Yarn Shop’s 2010 holiday card. Barb makes these up into Christmas cards with a knitting pattern on the back and gives packets of them to her first 40 customers on the day after Thanksgiving. (She sells them, too.) This illustration is a continuation of last year’s picture, which showed the same animals knitting and weaving (how the heck they do it without opposable thumbs is truly a Christmas mystery). This year they’re exchanging the gifts they made. I look forward to drawing Barb’s holiday cards each year. Now, if I would only get to work on some for myself…

Marla Goodman illustration for Yarn Shop holiday card.

Warm and Wooly Tidings holiday card for the Bozeman Yarn Shop

Just incase anybody was curious, here’s what last year’s card looked like.

Marla Goodman illustration for Bozeman Yarn Shop 2009 card

Warm Wishes illustration for the Yarn Shop's 2009 holiday card