Milk breath happy sigh love help; get my eye

magnetic poem, circa 2008

Return of the dawn of the cattle marker magnetic poetry illustration blog!

This was always one of my favorite fridge poems, but I never put much effort into visualizing it. My vague interpretation of it was a bit more carefree, but when it came to actually drawing something, I found it difficult to nail down that “Whoopsie! …doggone eye popped out again!” feeling while maintaining a “milk breath happy” mood. I’m really not much of a gore person, so imagine my surprise when the zombies appeared.

Even as I was drawing it, I was thinking, “Ewww! Why am I drawing this?” It started as a romantic zombie evening gone embarrassingly awry, but then I settled on the birthday setting. Only now am I realizing that some ominous balloons in the background might have been a nice touch. But is perfecting a zombie birthday party cattle marker drawing really that important?

Milk breath happy sigh love help; get my eye

Milk Breath, Happy Sigh, Love, Help; Get my Eye

Fun fact! As far as I know, this is the only poem to appear on our refrigerator that had rhyme and meter.